“If you ain’t first your last”

This bone chilling quote from Rickey Bobby is one of the most iconic quotes in sports history. I love this quote because I am very competitive with most everything I do. I am also a strong non believe of the so called “participation medial”. The reason for this is because I think it is making kids and athletics think that no matter what even if they aren’t deserving of something that they should get a reward anyway.


Has card games become a lost art?

Yes, I think that most card game that I grew up playing with my family have grow less and less popular with most people in the United States. For example, one weekend me and some buddies drove over to Minnesota so we could get into some cool casinos. My fist place I wanted to go was the blackjack table and i had no idea that the three friends that I went alone with had no clue how to play blackjack or and card games for that matter.

Record or enjoy the moment?

For me personally I like to keep my phone in my pocket and just stand there and enjoy the moment. I feel like if you are recording you are watching threw your phone and it just isn’t the same. Also I am well aware that if something right in front of me worth recording odds are there is about 15 other people around me already recording so I feel as though it is just a waist of time.

Men’s league tournament

This weekend me and a couple of my buddies got a hockey team together and went out to Mitchell to play in a tournament. We all assumed that sense where the youngest of them all we would be the best by far. We where very wrong when we got there we quickly realized that we where playing actual MEN and they reminded us that we are still just kids. Long story short… we got last.

Is college how I Expected it?

For the most part I would say yes college at lake area is about what I always imagined it would be. I love how it is always something new everyday, constantly learning more material and being social on a daily basis. Although I am not living in a dorm or walking to class everyday, I feel as thought I am still getting the so called college experience because I am still living on my own.

biggest pet peeves

My biggest pet peeve is having to be wet in regular clothes. This became such a huge pet peeve of mine two summers ago when I worked at the outdoor pool as a lifeguard. Nothing would get on my nerves more than when i would get splashed by a kid and would have to spend the rest of my day in soaking wet clothes.

Smart phones, Blessing or a curse?

In my opinion I think smart phone are the biggest curse that has ever happened to our generation. I think it has completely changed how the average person acts on a day to day basis. There are so many things that people miss that are happening right in front of them because they are to busy staring straight down at there phone (don’t get me wrong I am guilty of this too). I dream of a time where I am able to just get away from the smart phone but the unfortunate and sad truth is that the older I get, the more smart phone will become more and more advanced.

Should the legal drinking age be changed to 18 and not 21

Ever sense they changed the law in the united states that says you must be 21 have possession and or consume alcohol it has been a huge debate in our country. A huge argument for the people that say it should be 18 is “Its not right that you can die for your country at 18 but you are not allowed to drink a beer.” I completely agree with this statement and I don’t see how that is fair at all.

Is Fate real?

In my opinion I don’t think fate is real. The reason that I think this is because I don’t think that it is fair to assume that no matter what you do in life you will always get the same outcome. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to change there lives at any given time and I think that, that decision is completely there own.

Favorite meal of the Day

My absolute favorite mean of the day is and always has been supper. The reason I like supper so much is because I always feel like when I eat breakfast and lunch I need to make something quick and easy, but when supper rolls around I get to take all the time I want to sit down and make a good meal.